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Aruba is a Dutch Caribbean Island and an independent country few miles off the coast of Venezuela. Belonging to the continent of South America, this small island has tropical temperatures but low rainfall and is rarely affected by hurricanes.

It is also referred as one happy island due to the sunny weather, refreshing cool breeze, colorful sunset and miles long clear shallow waters with white sand.

List of beaches in Aruba

Eagle beach

Eagle beach has recently been voted as the best Caribbean beach by USA Today survey. The beach is not that crowded and finding parking space is not that difficult. Some sections even have free benches and beach chairs with umbrellas. The water here is shallow and perfect for kids.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach has been voted as the best family friendly beach by the Travel Channel. It is lined with high rise resorts. We loved our stay in two of the resorts on Palm Beach, Hyatt Regency Beach Resort and Holiday Inn Beach Resort.

Mangel Halto Beach

Mangel Halto Beach is one of the best spots for snorkeling due to its diverse marine life. It is off the beaten path and is not that crowded.

Arashi Beach

Perhaps the most colorful beach on Aruba, Arashi beach is also one of the best beaches for snorkeling. It is close to the California light house. One can find cactii on this beach. The deeper water gives water a little darker shade of blue. The setting of Cactii with Azure waters of the Atlantic makes for some surreal scenery. A paradise indeed!

Surfside Beach

Closer to the airport and downtown is the surfside beach. It is a hidden gem for tourists and a favorite spot for the locals.

The Butterfly farm

The Butterfly Farm is one of the must see attractions here in Aruba. It is a meshed structure with tropical gardens which support butterflies within.

Hosting almost 50 species of butterflies going through different phases of their life cycle, one can find hundreds of these, roaming around freely and occasionally pose as they sit on the flowers to feed on the nectars. Sometimes these butterflies also feed on fruit sugars/slices kept around and get dizzy and are unable to fly!

The Chrysalis of butterflies vary in shape. Some of the chrysalis are shaped like sea horses to keep their predators(birds) away.

Bubali Bird Sanctuary

If you are a bird lover, visit to Bubali Bird Sanctuary is a must. The location is not well defined. Try to find the Old Dutch Windmill(red windmill) and drive on a non paved road opposite to it. That path leads to the bird sanctuary and an observation deck.

Some of the common bird sightings are the Bananaquit, the Bare eyed pigeon and the Yellow warbler.

Bare eyed pigeon

Yellow warbler

The observation deck at the sanctuary

The Resorts we chose to stay

Hyatt Regency Beach Resort

Holiday Inn Beach Resort

Restaurants and Pastry Cafes

There are lot of cafeterias close to Palm beach and also some Indian restaurants. There are a handful of Gelaterios or Gelatissimos serving a huge variety of Gelatos and Ice creams. From plain vanilla and Pistachio to passion fruit and Lychee, one can find any imaginable flavor here.

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