Bijagua and Llanos de Cortez Waterfalls

Our Travel Vlog/Video

Our Travel Video


We initially had plans of visiting the famous Rio Celeste Waterfalls just 40 min drive from Bijagua. But due to heavy rains, the trail was closed. So we decided to visit a family owned wilderness area named Bijagua Ranas. The tour was wonderful and about two hours long. We could see 3 different types of colorful frogs. The red eyed tree frog and the poison dart frog were vibrant. Our guide showed how the poison dart frog when held, pretends to be dead. We saw sloths from a very close distance. We could see both 3 toed and 2 toed sloths (two sub species). We could also spot a mother sloth hanging from tree holding her baby. The lush tropical forest, the river, wild mushrooms growing on trees,ants marching with leaves, huge ficus trees, birds like toucans, and vociferous howler monkeys destroying the coconuts were a wild and beautiful sight to watch.

Huge Ficus Tree

Red eyed tree frog

Sloth from a close distance. To watch it (some what) smile at us, take a look at our travel video above.

2 toed sloth

So happy to spot a sloth this close!

Hanging sloths are a common sight here!

Red poison dart frog

Another tree frog.

Llanos de Cortez

On the way to Monteverde from Bijagua a 30 min diversion on Route 1 leads to this beautiful waterfalls on a drier landscape. We had a fun picnic here for a few hours. After a not so bad hike to the falls, we had tender coconut water (they keep them in ice pack/freezers) which tasted really good and rejuvenating. We headed to the wonderful Monteverde afterwards.

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