Bratislava - Day tour from Vienna

Bratislava is the capital city of the country Slovakia. Slovakia was once a part of Czechoslovakia which split into Czech Republic and Slovakia respectively. We took a daytour from Vienna to visit Bratislava. Our tour guide picked us up from our hotel in Vienna. We had around 6 hours to spend in Bratislava excluding the journey time from Vienna.

First part of the tour was a walking tour along the streets of old town which preservs the history of Bratislava. Next we took a city tour on our own which included a visit to its famous Bratislava Castle. Later we had some spare time for coffee and icecreams as well as to stroll the city center. We opted to return back to Vienna by catamaran or fastboat along the beautiful Danube river. Bratislava occupies both banks of Danube and this makes the city very beautiful. There are also some statues all along the old town including the famous one called the "working man".

St Martin's Cathedral. Holocaust Memorial in front of the Church.

The Pink Palace

Napoleon's Soldier/Napoleon as of different stories

Cannon ball remains which serves as a reminder of French attack on Bratislava.

A Water fountain which dispenses wine on special occasions.

Statue of Naci who made people happy.

Water sprays keep tourists and locals cool all the time!

The Bratislava Castle

Building of Bratislava Radio station

We had very delicious desserts at the local old town cafe and coffee place called Cafe Mayer. This is a must visit place and it has been serving customers since past 150 years!

We headed back to Vienna via boat with very good memories of this beautiful capital city.

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