Cedar Pass Lodge, Badlands National Park.

Staying inside any National Park has a lots of advantages. You get to see the park at dusk and dawn when the colors and sorroundings are beautiful. In parks like Badlands, where the night sky in itself is an attraction, it is a must ! We knew about the ranger led night sky program held on weekends at Badlands NP (Cedar Pass Amphitheatre). So we decided to stay for a night at the Cedar Pass lodge.

We loved the individual Rustic Cabins with beautiful front and back porche, both opening wide to the National Park itself. We spotted wild bunnies running amok in the yard!

The interiors of Cabin had been recently renovated and was equally beautiful.

The restaurant for dinner and breakfast, the lodge front desk and gift shop are just in front of the Cabins.

The views from restaurant were beautiful as well. We got to taste the native Sioux Indian food (fried bread) again here. Food was decent and in large amounts. The last time we had the delicious (Red)Indian Fry bread was many years ago in Monument Valley at the View hotel!

We attended the Night Sky Program at 9 pm. The Amphitheatre at which the program was held was just 2 mins walk from the Cedar Pass Lodge. A ranger talked about fossils and Night sky. Telescopes were provided to us. They helped us spot Jupiter with 4 moons beside it. They also helped us spot the constellations like scorpius, ursa major, leo and stars like altair, deneb and vega which formed summer triangle and planets like jupiter, mars and saturn. For more details refer to our Stargazing page on our blog A simplified guide to stargazing!

The Lodge is very close to the Ben Reifel Visitor Center which made it easier for us to explore the National Park the next morning.

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