Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

The main attraction of Oregon, we visited this twice as it is exceedingly beautiful! Columbia River is one of the largest rivers in US and forms a gorge near Portland as it tunnels its way through to the pacific ocean. There are multiple waterfalls along the Gorge which make their way to the river. Each of these is very beautiful.

The main one is the Multnomah Falls. It is the second highest falls in U.S (Yosemite is the first).

Best way to explore the Gorge is to take the historic Columbia river highway. Along the way you can see tens of waterfalls, some by the road side and some accessible with a short hike.

Horse tail falls is exquisite.

Wakheena Falls accessible with a short hike is stunning!

Mt Otemanu towering over the island presents an idealistic landscape we all expect of a tropical paradise.

Bridal veil falls needs a longer hike but the lush greenery and the white falls make it worthy!

Latourel falls takes the cake. A narrow but tall falls with yellow, Moss-ridden rocks makes for amazing views.

Multnomah of course is the biggest attraction. A two stage falls with a bridge in between, this one is unlike any other falls.

After the falls, the highway climbs upto the Crown Point which gives expansive views of the gorge itself.

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[2016-07-15 10:45:52]

Columbia River gorge is the waterfall capital of the world. Can never get bored visiting this one :)