Grand Hyatt Kauai

Our stay in Kauai was for 4 nights. Two of them were spent in Courtyard Kauai (which is a charming place with nice restaurants nearby) and the last two were at Grand Hyatt. We used the 2 free nights from Hyatt Credit card (this card gives 2 free nights at any hyatt chain hotel anywhere in the world). Grand Hyatt is located on the southern coast of Kauai which is quite dry and sunny (in total contrast to the north shore which is green and very wet).

Beaches are somewhat rocky, but beautiful weather and closeness to Waimea canyon and sunny locales makes up for the lack of soft sand beaches.The resort itself is quite big with spacious, well appointed and opulent rooms. We got upgraded to a partial-ocean view room due to platinum status (conferred by the Hyatt credit card).

Resort has quite a few pools including a few adult only pools. We enjoyed the water slides a lot.

Shaved ice(a hawaiin speciality it appears) is served near the pools and they are delicious!

The resort food is decent but as expected, a tad overpriced. We tried dinner one evening and entrees were OK. The desserts though(especially the assorted Creme Brulee including passion fruit flavored ones) were excellent. For breakfast we recommend amazing pancakes at Joe's by the green which is just half a mile from the resort. This small restaurant overlooks golf course and serves delectable banana coconut pancakes. Add in the passion fruit syrup and its heaven! There are also a couple of Pizza places nearby. We tried Brick oven Pizza and it was quite good and reasonably priced. Overall a great luxurious experince at Grand Hyatt. We would love to return!

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[2016-05-19 10:54:44]

Grand Hyatt rocks. You pretty much echo what we felt on our stay last (week long) year. Great to see the little one enjoy!


[2016-05-20 09:34:18]

Thank you!