Hilton Waikaloa

One of the largest resorts in Big Island(65 acres), Hilton Waikaloa lies on the sunny/dry east side of the island just 15 miles from Kona airport. The resort is really huge and once you park , you catch a small train to reach your building.

We got Royal suite for 2 nights when hilton had a flash sale with point stays. These rooms go for 1,000$ a night in peak season!

The suite we stayed had expansive views of the pacific ocean. The sunset views were perfect from the balcony! The suite itself was huge(close to 1600 sq feet)

Apart from tons of acitvities around, there is a dolphin show too! The beach is not that great but the huge pools with slides more than make up for it.

The food was very good. Donna and Toni's Pizza had delectable Italian fare by the artificial lagoon while breakfast was delicious at Big Island Breakfast room.

Tips: If you happen to have hilton gold/Diamond Status(easy to get with Credit cards), book into the basic room(50000 points) and hope for an upgrade. As long as you avoid busy season Nov-Dec and summer months, the resort is not crowded so chances of upgrade are significant.

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