HongKong - A luxurious Layover trip.

Hong Kong, a little autonomous region, now a part of china; is one of the places known more for its airport, banking sector and all weather port than tourism. But this place has many hidden gems which makes it worth a detour. We had transited through Hong Kong many times when travelling to/from India, but we never had enough gap in stop over for a quick visit. This time we made a point to have a proper layover. We spent one night and almost 2 days here. We stayed in Grand Hyatt which offered stunning views of the famous Hong Kong skyline across Victoria Harbor. Highlights were 4 subtrips/destinations : Nan Lian Gardens close to Kowloon, The Peak, Chi Lin Nunnery and finally the Grand Hyatt and sorroundings in Victoria Harbor.

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

We took a taxi from our hotel to The Peak Tram Tickets booth. We bought tickets and went to the Peak on the Peak Tram which offers scenic views all along. The views of skyline from the Peak were good.

From the peak station we took the escalator to Sky Terrace 428. This platform at 428 meters above sea level is the highest viewing platform in HongKong. The views were incredible!

Chi Lin Nunnery, Hong Kong

Chi Lin Nunnery is a soul soothing and beautiful buddhist temple complex located in Kowloon. It has a wooden architecture and contains Buddhist statues of wood clay and gold representing Buddha and Bodhisattvas.

Nan Lian Gardens

Nan Lian Gradens located close to Chi Lin Nunnery and is sorrounded by high rise appartments in background. This lush green scenery with pagodas and city background makes for beautiful views!

Our stay at Grand Hyatt, HongKong

We stayed here for a night as we this was our layover visit to HongKong. The stay here was very luxurious. The views from the room were breathtaking! For more info on our stay refer : Grand Hyatt HongKong

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