Icefields Parkway, Canada

Bow Lake

After two days of fun, we headed north on the ice-fields parkway and on the way there are glaciers and lakes every few mile.

Bow lake is one of the more stunning ones with its hue and calmness. It is a must do pit stop on the icefields parkway.

Peyto Lake

Next, we stopped at the vista point to see Peyto lake. Again hard to describe the amazing colors and contour of this lake. The pictures tell the story.

Glacier View Inn

At noon we checked into the Glacier View Inn lodge at Athabasca Glacier area. We stayed in a Glacier view suite to relish the sight in spare time.

Athabasca Glacier

Athabasca glacier is more than 800 feet thick mass of ice moving slowly down the hill, but retreating due to warming weather. There are bus tours to the glacier. These buses are specially made for traveling on slsh and ice and have huge wheels. The whole tour is rougly 2 hours.

The walk on the glacier was slippery but fun. We took a bottle and drank fresh water from thousands of year old ice!

This was our first Glacier walk/visit, so we were enjoying every bit of it. We stayed overnight at the lodge with views of the glacier enchanting us every minute.

Nidhi was at her mischievous best carrying blocks of ice into the bus.

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