The Inn at Kulaniapia Falls

This is one bed and breakfast place where we want to return every year! Charming little rooms, amazing views of Kulaniapia Falls, lush sorroundings and in Hilo, a laid back city in the big Island of Hawaii.

The kulaniapia falls can be accsessed only by the guests of this property. It is majestic especially after rains.

The base of the falls can be accessed with a short downhilll walk. There are paddle boards and you can swim too (water is at comfortable temperature.. it is tropics!)

Complimentary breakfast was awesome with some of the best Banana Walnut waffles we have ever tasted. Locally grown papayas and other tropical fruits make for a wholesome breakfast. The owners are friendly and have maintained this stunning property in a simple and natural way. We can't wait to get back here!

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[2016-05-09 11:24:10]

Stunning place and locales; feels really tropical and soothing