Jungfraujoch (Top of the Europe), Switzerland

There are two starting points for Jangfrauoch. One is Lauterbrunnen and the other is the Grindelwald. Both the routes merge at Kleine Scheidegg and go on to the Jungfraujoch. The day of our arrival in Grindelwald was very clear and sunny, so we took the afternoon train to Kleine Scheidegg to get a clear view of the imposing giants : Mt Eiger, Mt Monch and Mt Jungfrau. We could also spot the destination (Jungfraujoch station/top of the Europe) perched precariously between Jungfrau and Monch peaks. The journey to top of the Europe is not to be missed! Jungfraujoch is the highest railway station in Europe. Jungfraujoch is a notch between Mt Monch and Mt Jungfrau. The railway line (JungfrauBahn) starts from Kleine Scheidegg and runs through tunnels piercing through Mt Eiger and Mt Monch before reaching the top. It is one of the top attractions of Switzerland. The swiss pass covers journey till Grindelwald. Journey from Grindelwald to Jungfrau is expensive but Swiss pass gets you quite a bit of discount.

The views on train from Grindelwald to Kleine Scheidegg were very crisp and serene. The sky was clear and sunny affording the full beauty of swiss spring season i.e grass and snow with rivers from snowmelt gushing downhill. Green hills sides dotted with swiss chalets, shadowed by the mighty Mt. Eiger is a sight to behold and something you will remember for long!

When we reached Kleine Scheidegg, the Jungfraujoch was very clear and we could spot the Top of the Europe train station, our final destination of the trip. We took Jungfraubahn from there and headed towards it. The views were beyond words. Peaks of Monch and Jungfrau with huge glaciers hanging off them made for a surreal sight.

At the Eismeer and Eigerwand (intermediate stops) stops, we got mindblowing views of the mountains and the valley.

When we reached the top which is a viewing platform on Aletsch Glacier we had pretty amazing views of the Glacier. In around 30 mins the entire area covered up with clouds. We felt very lucky to have experienced this serene beauty without the unpredictable swiss weather affecting us.

On the way back to Grindelwald, where we planned to stay overnight, we stopped at Kleine Scheidegg again and played in the snow and felt the place one last time before saying goodbye!

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S. Sanchez

[2016-08-12 17:28:09]

Jaw dropping pics and place! just added this to my long list of places to go once in a lifetime.


[2016-09-21 16:53:52]

Great post and beautiful pics! do you recommend Jungfrau or Zermatt? Your advice will be really helpful as we can do only one next June. For us the snow views are a must. Thanks!


[2016-11-27 12:06:30]

LoveSeattle: We recommend both but if you have time only for one, it will be Jungfrau simply due to the surrounding alpine towns and overall scenery. Zermat is on the drier side.. Jungfrau region is super green and has nice mountain towns nearby like Grindelwald, Murren etc!