Kauai Hawaii

Blue Hawaiian Helicoper tour of Kauai

Kauai is one of the oldest of Hawaiian islands, also named the "Garden Isle" because of its tropical forests, valleys and flora. It is famous for the dramatic cliffs of Napali coast (which have been filmed in a lot of hollywood movies)and Waimea Canyon (Grand Canyon of the Pacific). Many of the beautiful parts of Kauai are inaccessible by road. So, we chose to take helicopter tour to experience the island.

We took the Kauai Eco Adventure tour with the Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Company (one of the best in Hawaii)

We were told not to wear darker clothing to reduce reflection on the windows. There was still one gentleman wearing a blue denim but luckily didn't affect our views much. The pilot was very informative and took interest in every one aboard.

The journey started with spectacular views of Hanapepe Valley.

Then we continued to Mana Waiapuna which is also known as Jurassic Park Water Falls. The intoductory scene of Jurassic Park where the lead characters visit Jurassic park for the first time in a helicopter was filmed here. My hubby being a big fan of the movie and the waterfalls, this was always on our bucket list.

The view indeed was breathtaking and for the Jurassic Park movie fans, it feels like the scene of the movie is recreated!

Next we continued to Waimea Canyon also known the Grand Canyon of the pacific. The Canyon here was more colorful with waterfalls hidden. We did visit Waimea Canyon by road later to get a closer view.

We could not visit Mt Waialeale (although we could see the peak and the volcanic bowl) because of the cloudy weather. It is one of the wettest spots on earth and also the heart of an extinct volcano

Next, we continued on our way back over the beautifully sculpted and dramatically soaring Napali Coast. The views were absolutely stunning!.

Towards the end of our we had a glimpse of Wailua falls which we visited later by road. If not for this amazing tour, we could not have known about Kauai in this great detail!. It was a very worthy experience!

Courtyard by Marriott Coconut Beach

Our first two nights stay was at Courtyard by Marriott Coconut Beach and we were upgraded to ocean view room with our own private balcony. We loved the resort and its facilities, adding to it was the beautiful Coconut Beach.

This resort is ideally located , close to lots of restaurants, which can be reached by walk. We loved Eggbert's for breakfast and Shivalik Indian cuisine for the dinner.The breakfast at the resort is bit pricey, but has awesome views of sunrise which can't be missed

We were welcomed by a beautiful rainbow arched over the coconut beach. The evening breeze was perfect easing us in to the tropical weather.

Wailua River State Park and Wailua Falls

On the way to Wailua Falls we stopped at Wailua River State Park. This place is famous for kayaking and paddleboarding. Wailua river is one of only few navigable rivers in Hawaii. Only kauai has navigable rivers in Hawaii and this is the most famous one.

Wailua Falls at a distance surrounded by lush tropical forest.

Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls.

Waimea Canyon

Also called the Grand Canyon Of Pacific, this place is both similar to and different from the Grand Canyon. Not as deep but the waterfalls and the tropical forest make it more colorful and vibrant

The views were beautiful and we got a glimpse of this place earlier by helicopter too.

Hanalei Bay Princeville

Hanalei Bay is the largest bay in north shore of Kauai the beach stretching upto 2 miles long and surrounded by lush mountains.

The view was absolutely mesmerizing

Taro fields on our way back to Kapaa from Hanalei Bay

Glowing pacific ocean on the way back

Grand Hyatt Kauai

Out of the 4 nights stay here at Kauai, we chose to spend the last 2 nights in Grand Hyatt Kauai

During our stay at this resort we went to Joe's on the Green for breakfast.

It has nice views and the place is rated best for breakfast in trip advisor. The banana macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup was our favorite! Breakfast at this place should not be missed!.

This resort is very kid friendly and a nice place to enjoy Kauai, once you are done with the sightseeing tours. For more details go to Grand Hyatt Kauai

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