Knik Glacier

Knik Glacier Helicopter tour

If you want to visit one Glacier, where the sunny weather is almost guaranteed and you don't like crowds, Knik Glacier is the right place. Knik Glacier is a huge valley glacier, 28 miles long, 5 miles wide and more than 1000 feet thick at some places! This is one of the largest glaciers in Central Alaska. It is located behind the mighty chugach mountains and is somewhat in a rainshadow area; which means ample sunshine allowing amazing views of the glacier most of the time. We took a boat tour in the morning and a helicoper tour from Knik Glacier Lodge in the afternoon. Helicopter tour is a must do to appreciate the vatsness of the galcier. The view in the picture above spans more than 30 miles and you can see the huge spiky mass of ice tunneling down the mountains.

The tour itself is usually half an hour but since were the last ones for the day, Pilot took us on extended 1.5hr tour for the same price!

Special shoes have to be worn to walk on the glacier. First views of the glacier were breathtaking.

The colony glacier is visible on the other side.

We landed on the Glacier and went for a walk with the pilot and explored cracks and huge crevasses.

It felt like a whole another world. Walking on a glacier and the heli-tour is an experience of a lifetime and we were glad we took this tour.

On the way back we could see the jagged faces and spiny back of the glacier.

Knik Glacier Boat Tour

Boat Tour is operated by a very personable group of people from Knik Glacier Tour company. First stage is tan SUV journey for a couple of miles and then there is a boat ride to the glacier lake. Then a small walk to vantage point. The views are stunning and you can spend hours gazing at the wonder.

They even give Cholcolates, snacks and coffee/hot chocolate on the spot and we got an hour or so to just sit and enjoy the view.

This view made us realize Alaska is such a blessed land unspoilt by human exploits.

Knik River Lodge

We then came back and went to Knik Glacier Lodge where we stayed for the night. After checking in, we took the helicopter tour we described above. KniK Glacier lodge itself is an array of basic cabins but the location is beautiful. Palmer (closeby town) has decent food options. We went to the Humdinger's Pizza and it was awesome.

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[2016-05-16 12:29:36]

Unbelievable! Knik from Helicopter is too good..


[2016-05-17 11:08:05]

Thank you! Knik is our favourite glacier/place in Alaska :)