Monument Valley and Goose-neck bend

Monument Valley

We visited this place on Thanksgiving break and Nidhi was just 7 months old. This stunning place lies on the Arizona-Utah border. We drove all the way from San Diego to explore this beautiful landscape and its surroundings.

Monument Valley is a must-see for all the western/John Ford/Clint Eastwood/Sergio Leone movie fans! One of our favorite movies: "Once upon a time in west" was shot here.

We stayed at the excellent View hotel in a valley view room. Nothing can beat the view of 3 monuments in the vast valley.

We took a guided tour(American Indian) of the valley. In fact only 15% of the park is open to public tour. The rest can be explored only by hiring Indian guides. Most folks miss this fact and end up exploring only a section. The guided tour reveals amazing landscape hidden from plain view.

John Ford's point was spectacular.

Our guide was nice and even played a nice tune!

Some of the beautiful landscapes here have names and are sacred.

Sun's eye is mystical.

Ear of the wind is really symbolic.

The colors during sunset were magical.

The night sky here is clear and less affected by light pollution!

The sunrise was spectacular as we watched it from our valley view room at the View hotel!

Gooseneck Bend

The next day we went to Goose-neck bend state park; accessed by a scenic highway from Monument Valley.

Here, the San Juan river meanders through the rugged mountains creating a snake like pattern. Very scenic!

That afternoon we visited Canyon De Chelly in Arizona (detailed in Arizona page).

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S. Sanchez

[2016-05-12 17:21:57]

My Oh My the monument valley is stunning. The last photo nails the vastness and beauty of the place.