Niagara Falls

Perhaps the most visited destination in the eastern half of United states and one of the largest water falls on earth, it is a combination of three separate falls: Horseshoe, Bridal veil and American falls. We flew to Buffalo International airport. From there, it is an hour drive to the american side of the falls.

Niagara falls makes up the majestic three of largest falls on earth together with Iguazu Falls in Argentina (which we visited later) and Victoria Falls in Africa.

On the border of U.S and Canada, it has view points from both the sides.If you are visiting the falls make sure to visit both the sides. We stayed on American side and visited the falls the night we arrived.They have beautiful lighting till midnight and it is a pleasure to watch the lit and colored falls.

The next morning we took the famous "Maid of the mist" ride. It is awesome and drenching!

That afternoon we walked over to the Canadian side to see the full glamour of the falls.

We went up the Skylon tower to get a bird'e eye view. We got the double rainbow.

Evening walk along the Canadian side was a memorable one.

On the third day we headed back to Buffalo airport and caught a flight to New York.

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