How to go to Pisa from Rome

Unless you are staying in Florence, it is always advisable to visit Pisa by train (day trip). We stayed in Rome and booked the 2 way tickets online in advance as the seats were very limited in all the major italy train travel websites. Tickets do sell out quickly, so make sure to buy them atleast a week or two in advance. We just had the printouts with us which served as tickets. It was a 3 hour journey to Pisa. We had an early morning (6.57) train from Roma Termini (just 5 mins from our Hotel) to Pisa and evening (5pm) train back to Roma Termini.The travel websites are

The leaning tower of Pisa

We took a taxi from Pisa Centrale (train terminal) to the leaning tower (under 10Euros). The place was less crowded in the morning as it was raining heavily. We looked around for a while in the rain and found shelter in one of the pizzerias. We had yummy ravioli, pasta and gelato. The cafes and resturaunts here are very good and some of them have seating areas outside, providing beautiful views of the leaning tower!

The leaning tower looked great both in cloudy/rainy and sunny weather.Leaning tower is housed along with Cathedral and the Baptistery in Pisa's Cathedral Square. We bought tickets to view Camposanto Monumentale (Monumental Cemetry), the ticket included free entry to the Cathedral. We didnot climb up the leaning tower as kids under 8 are not allowed to climb.

The Camposanto Monumentale is a walled cemetry, the interiors and exteriors of this building are beautiful.

The Cathedral is of medieval period and has beautiful architecture, mosaic walls and renaissance art.Galileo seems to have formulated theory of movement of pendulum by watching lamp hanging from the nave here.

The construction of Pisa tower occured during 3 different times over a period of 200 years. The first construction was supposedly very weak and it was halted for a century due to ongoing battles, the second and third construction stabilized the tower. Overall, this monument is truly a wonder of the world and worth visiting if you are in Italy.

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