Slovenia Day tour from Zagreb

We took a day tour to Slovenia from Zagreb. It was a 12 hour day tour including visits to Ljubljana and Lake Bled.


Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. The first stop of our day tour was Ljuljana Castle. This Castle complex is situated on a hill. Our guide bought us tickets to ride up the tram to the Castle. The views of the Ljubljana city from the castle is beautiful. As it was a foggy day we could not see the Slovenian Alps but we got even better views of the alps later from Bled castle. The interiors of the castle were beautiful.

Nidhi got a personalised bookmark and promised to use it in her books and not facebook!

We next took a walking tour of the city centre. Dragon bridge is not to be missed.

Bridge of Locks on the Butcher Bridge across the River Ljubljanica .

Raw milk dispenser in the Market in city centre.

St James Parish Church Entrance

Interiors of St James Parish Church.

The Pink building is one of the most photographed buildings of Ljubljana. It is Franciscan church of Annunciation. The square in front of it is the Preseren square. This comprises of the old town of Ljubljana.

Bled Castle

After lunch we headed to the Bled Castle, which is less than an hour drive from Ljubljana. Bled Castle is situated on a cliff overlooking the Lake Bled. While the the interio of the Castle is beautiful, more beuatiful are the views around the castle. The views of Lake Bled, city of Bled and also of Slovenian Alps are breathtaking. This castle is one of the oldest of Slovenian Castle and most visited one too. The wonderful stories about this castle were mentioned by out guide.

Lake Bled

Our last stop of the day tour was Lake Bled. We only had an hour and a half to spend here. We spent half an hour walking along the shoreline and rest of the time enjoying the speciality : Bled cream cake! This Lake shore had a cafe which made the original Bled creme cake so we spent rest of the time tasting them overlooking the beautiful Lake Bled. Bled cream cake tastes like a yummier version of Creme Brulee and is not to be missed. Absolutely delicious!

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