Turks And Caicos

Grace Bay

Providenciales, has been voted #1 Island in 2015 based on TripAdvisor Travellers choice and Grace bay has been voted the best beach on earth in 2016. Providenciales covers 38 miles, to the north lies beautiful Grace Bay and to the south lies lake like Chalk Sound with turqoise water surrounding small cays. Taylor bay and Sapodilla bay lie to the south of the island and are kid friendly.

Providenciales island is small yet beautiful. The main points of interest we covered were Grace bay, Taylor bay and Chalk Sound. Great thing about this island is the almost guaranteed sunny weather.Rains are not uncommmon, but are usually short and quick moving. Sunlight is a must to admire the true beauty of the astounding beaches here!

Grace Bay is only about 7 miles long. Though there are many private resorts on the beach, public access to beach has been provided every mile or two.This can be located on the street maps easily. Ports of Call resort is a mid range and reasonably priced resort, only 2 mins walk from one of the public access points to the Grace Bay beach. Hence we stayed there for 4 nights. They provide complimentary beach chairs, umbrella and towel for the hotel guests. The sand here is way too soft and the water is mesmerizing in all weather conditions. We witnessed multiple rainbows after short localized storms. People who are interested in water activities have options like parasailing, snorkelling etc.

Taylor Bay Beach

Taylor bay is a shallow water and sheltered beach with no waves. Though water is not as colorful as grace bay, it is popular with kids. Sand is super soft and it is also a nice place to watch sunset!Getting to Taylor Bay is a bit tricky. On The Chalk sound drive take a left onto Ocean Dr and find signs for Taylor Bay Beach. Parking is scarce though.

Chalk Sound

Chalk Sound is famous for its turquoise colors. We haven't seen such colors anywhere else other than Bora Bora. There are no proper parking spaces or scenic lookouts to view Chalk Sound other than the end of road view point and small gullies along the way. One of the best ways to enjoy the chalk sound views is to dine at Las Brisas Restaurant. The restaurant also provides Kayaking, Snorkelling and Paddle boarding options along with guided cruise on Chalk Sound.

View from airplane

Resturaunts and Cafe

The Melt Cafe had amazing ice cream sundaes(some of the best we have tasted so far anywhere). The colorful almond pistachio raspberry icecream sundae melted in our mouth and is a must try for any one visiting Provo.

We loved the presence of Garam Masala Indian cuisine in Provo. The food was amazing and we went there all 4 nights! Lots of vegetarian options, good ambience and service.

The Las Brisas Restaurant gives us an oppurtunity to view Chalk Sound, as there are a very few access points to view the latter. The important tip here is to check the bills for pre added Gratuity ( almost all the restaurants add this).

Place of stay

Ports of Call resort offers free breakfast, complimentary beach chairs and towels. The resort complex also has cafes, gift shops, salon and restaurants. It is just 2 mins from public beach access point and very close to the main shopping complex/Grace bay village. We loved our stay here at Ports of Call.

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