Things to do in Venice

How to go to St Mark's Square from the Airport.

As soon as you land in the airport, you will find two options to go to your hotel. First option is to take a water taxi directly to your hotel. This is a bit pricey. The second option is to take public water transport(buy round trip tickets at the airport) to St Mark Square. Most of the hotels are close to St Mark Square but if your hotel is not on the main island (like in our case : JW Marriott), do enquire about the complimentary shuttle, which starts from St Mark Square.

We reached venice late afternoon, the evening colors as we neared St Mark Square was very romantic and welcoming!

St Mark's Square

St Mark Square is a square bound by Doge's Palace, St Mark Basillica and St Mark Campanille. It marks the center of venice as most attractions can be reached by walk from here.

This place is very crowded! Beware of people selling roses and toys(they can be forceful at times!). But that can't stop anybody from admiring beauty of this place. The Square gets more beautiful and romantic with setting of sun! Nearby restaurants have orchestra playing famous tunes and this background music adds to the magic.

There are numerous cafes/bars offering drinks, artists performing music, people feeding pigeons, tourists admiring the architecture of place and pizzerias offering delicious italian food. We didn't realize how time flew by!

The whole square lit up after dusk, which added to the beauty of the place.

Grand Canal

The next day we made plans to see the Grand Canal, Bridge of sighs and Burano (a sleepy fishing town with vividly colored homes). We took a day pass at the ACTV public transport ticket booth and found the shuttles which go to our desired destinations. Though these public transport shuttles are crowded at times, water taxis are way too expensive an alternative! The Grand Canal is very scenic. The Rialto bridge, one of the attractions here, was closed/masked for construction during our visit but there are tons of small channels and bridges which are amazing. There are lots of gondolas starting here. Gondolas are very beautiful but we decided against taking the ride as it is super slow and our little one might have got bored after a while.

Bridge of Sighs

Bridge of sighs is adjacent to Doge's Palace and has beautiful views of the canal. The bridge connects Doge's Palace to prison and is named so as the prisoners sighed at the outside world one last time from here.

Islands of Burano and Murano

Burano is a colorful and small fishing town with boutique style shops. They demonstrate lace making here and do sell lots of laced fabrics. The town is truely colorful. It can be reached by taking a direct shuttle from San Zaccharia or taking 2 shuttles (one from San Zaccaria to Punta Sabioni, another from latter to Burano) depending on time of departure. Check with the ticket booths or the shuttle maps for detailed time table of the shuttle. Allow 3-4 hrs at a minimum for this visit from main island.

For our duration of stay in Venice, we stayed at the luxurious JW Marriott Venice resort which sat on its won island named Isola Delle Rose. For more info on our stay at JW Marriott Venice refer JW Marriott Venice

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