Yellowstone National Park

The world's first national park!(declared as a National park in 1872). Hot Geysers, colorful springs and fumaroles; this place is one of the most unusual and mysterious landscapes on earth. In fact, Yellowstone is a dormant supervolcano and the one of the biggest ones in the world. This park is huge , so we decided to spend at least 4 full days here. Since travelling everyday from single base outside the park is very hard, we stayed inside the park for 3 nights. 1 day at Old Faithful Inn(geyser view room), 1 day at Canyon Lodge and 1 day at Mammoth hot-springs Hotel. We flew to Salt Lake city and entered the park from Idaho side (stayed there for a night to rest) and exited from South side and stayed at Teton national park area. This itinerary gave us 4 full days to explore the four distinct sections of the huge park.
1.Old Faithful area with the famous geyser which erupts every 90 minutes or so.
2.Mammoth hot-springs terrace
3.Yellowstone canyon and falls area
4.Roosevelt-Tower area.

Old Faithful and Grand Prismatic Spring

We started with a visit to the old faithful area including the famous Grand Prismatic spring and the old faithful geyser.

Grand prismatic spring us sulphur rich and has algae growing on its banks. We visited the spring and it was a sight to watch.

Next we went uphill on a close by peak to get the glance of the Grand Prismatic spring from a height and it looks like God's Eye!.. beautiful and mystical.

Old Faithful geyser was another major attraction. Since we stayed at Old Faithful Inn hotel we could see the Geyser eruption multiple times.

There were also quite a few smaller geysers and hot springs in the area including Sapphire and spasm geysers

Norris Geyser Area

Next day we traversed the Norris Geyser area which had a few fumaroles as well as some beautifully colored springs.

Hayden Valley

Next stop was the Hayden valley to get a good glimpse of the famous valley and huge herds of Buffaloes!

There are even Buffalo traffic jams on the road. We were stuck in one such jam for an hour.

Wildlife is plentiful in the park and we saw bears and elks too.

Yellowstone Falls

We then checked into Canyon Lodge and next morning visited the lower and upper yellow stone falls. Lower Yellowstone falls is best viewed from the artist point. One can also see the yellowstone canyon through which the water from the fall flows. The face of the canyon is yellowish and hence the name yellowstone! The upper falls is less taller but impressive nevertheless.

After lunch we took the beautiful Dunraven pass road to Tower Roosevelt area. There were wildflowers everywhere!

Next we stopped at the tower falls.

Mammoth Hot Springs

In the evening we checked into the mammoth hot springs hotel cabin. The next morning was well spent exploring the mammoth springs area with its strange terrace formations and beautiful colors.

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