Yoho National Park

Takakkaw Falls

we headed to Yoho national park to on our way to Jasper National Park. First up was the 1250 feet Takakkaw Falls. Takakkaw means"the magnificent" and it surely is. It sounds like thunder and the turbid whitish glacier waters from the falls create multiple streams.

Emerald lake

Close by is another surreal lake. Emerald lake is called so because of its color. It is probably the prettiest lake we have seen anywhere(colors and surroundings are spectacular).

There is a nice restaurant called "Cilantro" by the lake and it serves delicious food. We had lunch there. Sipping the fire-weed honey lemonade and watching the lake is a moment we will cherish forever.

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[2016-05-28 09:08:42]

Emerald lake is just the most beautiful lake I have ever seen ( back in 2006!). Want to see it again after this post.