Fall Colors in Eastern Sierra 2015

There are two kinds of Fall foliage in U.S. One mainly in East coast and New England where there are reds, oranges and yellows of varying degrees in dense conifer forests. The other kind is the one found in high mountains of California,Nevada, Utah and Colorado dominated by aspen trees. Aspens grow in groups or bunches and prefer drier regions higher in altitude and colder. In fall these aspens turn golden yellow and some even orange and red. These aspens appear to glow when there is sunlight.

We love the fall colors in Eastern Sierra and have been there twice to enjoy the beauty. Once in 2012 and again in 2015. The regions of interest are Bishop Lakes(North, South, Sabrina, Aspended and the whole approach road/sorroundings), Lake Loop (June lake, Silver lake, Gull lake) and the off road paths along the US395 from Bishop to Mammoth lakes.

Convict lake region is another one.

We can never get tired of chasing gold in Sierra.. the yellow and orange leaves are nature's celebration of impending winter snow and rain and she is at her best during this time! Last half of October is your best bet to get the greatest color

Fall Colors in Eastern Sierra 2012

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[2016-05-23 14:49:28]

truly remarkable colors! Aspens do glow like flame when back-lit.