Glacier National Park, Montana

The Crown Jewel of US national parks ! It is hard to describe this beautiful place in a few words. Stunning and rugged landscape sculpted by glaciers over thousands of years, beautiful lakes, ice caps and glaciers hanging off the mountains, lush conifers and wild flowers wherever you see; this place epitomizes the utopian paradise we dream of. Our daughter was was just two and a half months old when we made this trip and she was probably one of the youngest explorers of this park. Mountains of this park form the northern part of Rocky mountain range in U.S.A. The range then leads into canadian portion which we visited the next year (Banff, Yoho and jasper national parks).
Major attractions:
1.Going to the sun Road
2.Avalanche lake
3.Many Glacier area
4.St Mary's lake
5.Iceberg lake
6.Logan pass and the hidden lake
7.Grinnel Glacier area

Glacier NP has two major entrances: east side and west side. East side is drier and is somewhat farther away from major cities/towns. We flew to Kalispell which is on the west side and is the major base for Glacieer NP visitors. It has goood lodging and dining options. We stayed there for one night at La Qunita Inn.

The next day we entered Glacier national park through the west side which leads to the famous"Going-to the sun road". This is "the" major attraction of the park and if you have just one day (we don't recommend anyone to visit this place for just one day) this is the drive you should take. At the base of this road (before you start climbing up the rockies) there is one not to be missed attraction, :Avalanche lake.

This lake is formed by multitude of waterfalls from snow melt of the sorrounding peaks. If you time your visit right i.e in early summer season(June-July) when snow melting is at its peak; you are in for surreal views.

Clear lake, huge peaks and waterfalls everywhere! The hike is a bit challening (2 miles one way with 650 feet of elevation gain) especially if you are travelling with infants/toddlers. But the sight at the end is really worth it.

Avalanche creek on the Avalanche lake trail

Next, we started the scenic drive up the Going-to the Sun road. It was early summmer so small waterfalls everywhere on the road.

The highest point on the road is Logan Pass. There is a vistor center with restrooms and ample parking. On weekend though it can crowded and parking might be very hard. Lots of mountain goats with babies!

We then drove to Rising sun motor Inn lodge inside the park close to St Mary Lake.

Next day we came back to Logan pass to hike to vista point overlooking Hidden lake. Small but tricky hike to due to slippery snow/ice.

The hidden lake was frozen. The bear hat mountain overlooking the frozen hidden lake was a sight to behold.

Make sure you have poles or spike shoes to tread. We were having tough time and luckily for us a nice samaritan lent a pole.

We saw a family of mountain goats and lots of big Horn sheeps too.

On our way to Many glacier area, we also hiked down to Baring falls. There are many such falls in the area, fed by the snowmelt.

We then exited from the east side of the park and entered the Many Glacier area. This area is probably the most scenic part of the park. It has the famous trails to Iceberg lake and the grinnel glacier.

We stayed for two days at Many Glacier lodge which overlooks the stunning Swift current lake.

The reflections of the mountains in the lake is breathtaking.

Since Grinnel glacier hike was tough with the toddler, we took boat rides to the Grinnel lake and Lake Josephine. The ride was scenic and the views amazing. We also saw a moose or two in the area near the lakes.

Next day we checked out of Many Glacier lodge and checked into the Swift Current Motor Inn. We had a cozy cabin. This area has a nice restaurant too serving great Pizzas and the local Speciality: huckleberry icecream.It is very tasty , almost like blueberry on steroids; much more filling and delicious.

Next day I stayed back with Nidhi while Raghu went for Iceberg lake Hike(a strenous 10 mile hike with 1300 feet elevation gain). Towering lush green peaks with icecaps made the journey smooth.

Iceberg lake was still frozen( Later in the summer the ice breaks and Icebregs start floating). This lake is sorrounded by peaks on three sides (each towering more than 2000 feet above the lake level) creating a cold sun blocked zone. This means lake is frozen for almost 8 months a year.

The next day it was time to bid adieu. On the way back we faced a thunderstorm on going to the sun road.

St Mary's lake appeared more beautiful with rain clouds on horizon. Clouds kissing mountains and rain lashing down were magical moments which we can never forget.

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Glacier NP is the best.. being a Montana resident for almost a decade, I can proudly agree with you on this being the crown jewel. Great going with the baby-great she started young:)


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Thank you Marcus!


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